User: Password: proudly presents the first ever 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs Fashion Issue! If you are crazy about Orange Crush, curious about the House of Avery, and challenged by Don Cherry's suits, read on!


2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Fashion Issue!


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Lisa Ovens
Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

This wouldn't be a Fashion Issue without a....

Don Cherry Suit Watch

I'm still trying to figure out this suit. When I first saw it during Saturday Night's Coaches Corner segment, I was both confused and strangely delighted with Don's choice of suit that night. The pattern makes no sense. The pink splotches on the lapels have absolutely nothing to do with anything, unless maybe the off camera trousers are that colour. In some areas the flowers are scattered, and in others they are bunched together. And why brown for the background? If there is one thing I do know for sure, I would love a couple of throw cushions in this look.

White Outs, Orange Crushes, Seas of Red...

Last Saturday , Mellon Arena was transformed into an Igloo when thousands of Pengins fans displayed crisp, white t-shirts over their usual Penguins gear. Perhaps this collective fashion statement otherwise known as a White Out should be re-named the Sea of Antarctica.

In Philadelphia, the Sea of Orange Crush is such a delicious look. It wisks me back to childhood memories of summers spent running around topless, laughing at everything, with an afternoon's worth of orange pop muchstache on my face. Funny what a simple orange top can do for the psyche. (Think I'm going to relive those moments this weekend - it's supposed to be sunny ;o)

Although the Sea of Red lies dorment in thousands of closets and chests of drawers all over Calgary, I feel it deserves a mention as one hell of a sight to see at the Saddledome in Springtime. For some reason I always think of dynamite at the sight of all those bright red sweaters, top to bottom, side by side in that great big room.

Trend Watch... The Sea of Red

Shall we call it "Sea of Red East"? The Washington Capitals red sweater movement that took over Verizon Center during round one made a bold statement: "We have arrived and you'd better get used to us". This is the other Sea of Red, influenced by the Eastern Conference and it has potential to rival Calgary. But we can never forget that the Flames fans did "the red thing" first.

The House of Avery?

Hockey watchers are familiar with the on-ice moves of Rangers forward, Sean Avery. Well there could be a time in the not so distant future when we are dashing out to get the latest trappings from the Ready to Wear collection designed by the House of Avery. Or, we might be dousing ourselves in a licensed scent appropriately named "Agitator".

The recent news about Sean Avery scoring a summer intern gig at Vogue Magazine has prompted plenty of discussion around the hockey fan world. Sure there are those who flame him for expressing his fashion interests and dreams. But is it really such a bad thing? In a December 2007 New York Times interview by Alex Williams, an Avery quote grabbed my attention. He said,

In a way, I want to make the sport cooler.”

 Over the last few years many a fan and sports journalist alike have lamented the NHL’s limited exposure in the main stream media, and then brainstormed countless ways to raise the profile of the league and it’s players. The truth is not every player craves the spotlight, or is willing to get “out there” to promote the sport and embrace the celebrity machine fueled by splashy events, red carpets and gossip/ entertainment news. So when a player like Avery, who loves being the centre of attention, decides to chase a dream in the world of fashion, I guess we should be happy he’s snapping up some headlines in other sections of the newspaper. It’s for the good of the game.

However, if it weren’t for his professional hockey career, and the fact he dates models and actresses, Avery wouldn’t be embarking on his fashion career at the top of the couture food chain. The downside to all of this is knowing one fashion student or stylist, or an aspiring writer is disappointed that they won’t be landing the summer opportunity at Vogue.

No matter what happens, you can bet Sean Avery will be transported to another level in trash talk once he’s behind the scenes at Vogue. And something tells me commenting on someone’s wife or mother isn't gonna cut it there. If Avery needs a fashion trash talk mentor, he could learn a few things from the one and only, Karl Lagerfeld.

Should the Rangers succumb to the Penguins in round two, Sean will be that much closer to a future House of Avery. Here's hoping he gets the most out of Vogue gig, and is grateful for how an NHL career can really put you on a fast track to future success.

Until next time...

Happy Playoffs Everybody!!

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