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Lisa does her best to keep track of the hectic Quarter Finals. Today she looks at a couple of Eastern Conference Match ups and offers up a few observations after the first two days of Playoffs.

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by Lisa Ovens
Friday, April 11th, 2008

“Winter is over.” Those were the first words I heard The CBC’s Ron MacLean say during the opening of Hockey Night in Canada’s broadcast of Game One (Pittsburgh and Ottawa) of the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs. I couldn’t agree more: finally we have playoff weather in Vancouver!!! Oh man, but no Canucks :o( please be patient with me: it’s gonna take time for me to get over this)

Yes, this is what my playoff experience has come down to: taking pictures of my TV from the safety of my sofa. I couldn’t resist shooting this one of Don Cherry during Coaches Corner: his suit kind of looks like a sofa...

Don Cherry suit

It was a tough loss for the Senators, but how about that crazy crowd in Mellon Arena? And what about Gary Roberts? There are people out there who wonder... “What would Gary Roberts do? Score two goals and a little trash talk in game one, that’s what he did. The Senators must re-group and at the very least, get on the score board in Game Two.

When I am not taking pics of the TV, I’m writing down quotes. Here’s a little gem out of Ron MacLean’s mouth on Thursday, just before the Habs/ Bruins game...

“Statistics are like bikinis: they reveal a lot, but not everything.”

 That Ron, he’s always finding a way to spice up the hockey chit chat. What prompted such a quote? The fact the Montreal Canadiens owned the Boston Bruins this last season, winning all eight games. Plus a bunch of other stats compiled over the 80 plus years these teams have been battling it out like the Habs have won 23 playoff series to the Bruins 7. Maybe he said more, I do not know. I was mesmerized by Bell Centre’s atmosphere.

And I am sure the Bruins heads are spinning from it too. They could only muster one goal in the 4-1 loss. I have to say, I am cheering for the Bruin’s Milan Lucic in this series. I was a fan of his during his Vancouver Giants days, cheered him on to win the Memorial Cup last May, and last saw him play in Vancouver when Team Canada won the Canada/ Russia Super Series in September. What a year for Vancouver local, Lucic...Go Milan GO!!

Take a Break...

If your head is spinning from the crazy pace of the first round, and need a little break from the ice, check out Sports Illustrated feature that explores NHL Players/ celebrity look here

More Habs News...

The Firefighters in Montreal are refusing to take down Canadiens inspired murals on their firehouse bay doors and windows. The mayor of Montréal, Gerald Tremblay ordered the clean up as he says painting murals on firehouses are like vandalism. Please note the firefighters union and the municipal government have been at odds over a contract dispute. Somehow I think the mayor will be the loser here, especially if the Habs go deep into the Playoffs. And to give people and idea of how much hockey means in Canada, the news writer of this story ended the report saying “...while Tremblay regroups and thinks of his next offensive move - no doubt, making the mayors of Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto envious over Montreal's problems in the process.” Nice little jab at the non playoff Canadian teams, eh?

Hockey & High Heels SWAG OFFS

It's a new feature here at h&, that doubles as a little creative therapy for me because, let's face it...Vancouver isn't quite the same place without the Canucks in the playoffs!

Check out the Playoff Edition of the Swag offs by clicking here

Happy Playoffs Everybody!





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