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For the Love of Empty Net Goals Reviews

November, 2010

"Vancouver-based hockey fanatic Lisa Ovens has done it again with For the Love of Empty Net Goals. In her sequel to Hockey and High Heels (every woman’s essential guide to hockey published in 2005), Lisa explores hockey culture in both Canada and the U.S. While Empty Net is written for both sexes, Lisa doesn’t miss the opportunity to champion female rights in what’s become the fastest growing sport in the world—women’s hockey.
In her second book, Lisa also puts her money where her mouth is and travels thousands of miles researching hockey teams and culture, during which she details a visit to the home of the Phoenix Coyotes and her search for the elusive Wayne Gretzky. In one chapter Lisa also describes in great detail her hilarious attempts to meet someone (hopefully a man) to accompany her to a hockey game in Anaheim after her wingman, Helen, cancels her trip to California at the last minute due to a family emergency.

Lisa isn’t afraid to give her opinion and give it she does, on everything from superstar player Sidney Crosby, the soap opera, The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives and the National Hockey League. And maybe it’s time the NHL listens up. Lisa’s proposal to include fan re-location for hockey teams in the Sunbelt with few followers makes sense. And she even promises to waive her no-trade clause with the Canucks to follow a team with a home base that includes sunshine and palm trees.

For the Love of Empty Net Goals, Lisa uses humor, and a few songs, to explain the state of hockey today. I highly recommend it for hockey fans everywhere."

- Sandra Thomas, long time journalist and columnist, the Vancouver Courier Newspaper


Hockey & High Heels Reviews

Author Lisa Ovens takes an irreverent look at the game in a breezy style that touches on Scott Gomez, great hair, and of course her beloved Vancouver Canucks. Fan writing at its best, this is a wonderfully personal tale.
The Hockey News 2007 Hockey Book Guide

I won the book at a silent auction for Save the Predators this summer & loved it so much that I have to have a couple of copies to give as gifts to some of my hockey loving friends.  Thanks for all your help concerning the Predator's this summer!
Sonya, Nashville Predators fan, Nashville, TN USA

I received your book and can't wait to start reading it.  Obviously I am a huge hockey fan and unfortunately Pittsburgh is a huge football town.  Most of the people I work with are Pittsburgh Steeler fans and I am pretty much the sole hockey fan in the office.  Well, when they commented on my Hockey & High Heels book sitting on my desk, I told them they could write a book called "Football & Frumps".  Ouch!!!!   That will teach them to mess with a hockey girl in heels, right? I have loved my high heels and hockey for 33 years!!!!!
Rose, Penguins fan, Pittsburgh, PA

I read the book in one afternoon and it totally made my day! I want to give this book to every person I know to help them understand who I am as a hockey fan. I can’t really wait for the second book! I wish we could attend a hockey game together- It would be so much fun to watch you in action!
Katie E. Dallas Stars season ticket holder
Dallas, Texas

The Hockey & High Heels book looks good, feels good (even smells good) and is both fun and funny - just like a good woman.  And the author in a word - delightful.  My new, long-distance hockey best friend!
Danielle, Rangers fan, New Jersey, USA
Owner, Nose For the Net and

I recently read your book on a plane ride from Orlando to Vail, Colorado and I loved it! I was laughing out loud and didn't care that passengers were looking my way. I am a hockey fan in sunny Orlando, Florida and attend Tampa Bay Lightning games as a mini-game plan season ticket holder. All the best and thank you for writing from a female fan’s perspective. Very refreshing!
Nathalie, Tampa Bay Lightning fan, Florida  

He said She said, a hockey couple’s story : Chris and Angela
My new wife is a hockey fan, a casual one, who goes to all our QMJHL Halifax Mooseheads games and asks me questions about player’s character and what makes one better then another.  I heard about your book through The Hockey News and thought it would be a great chance for her to get into the mindset of a hockey fanatic.  Ange loves the book so much she sat down and wrote you a letter already, haha!  She is already telling people she will lend it to them when she is finished and I may have to wait a while to get my turn with it.  She is constantly laughing as she reads and stopping to ask me things like "Did you know there was a goalie who threw up before every game?"  I love seeing her gathering knowledge and a passion for something I have grown up with.  I couldn't tell you where I heard most of the stories about hockey that I know, but I have read countless books and The Hockey News weekly, but to her, Hockey & High Heels is the bible right now.  
Congrats again on a great book and even better customer service.  
Chris, Habs fan and Mooseheads fan,
Nova Scotia

I was very excited when I discovered Hockey & High Heels under the tree Christmas morning. Even more excited when I finally learned what “offside” meant. Being a mother of a 7 year old Timbit Hockey player and wife of a diehard hockey fan, this is a case of avoiding the inevitable that I too am becoming a die hard fan! At long last a hockey book written from a female hockey fan’s perspective!!! I finished reading the book and LOVED it and am very excited for Hockey & High Heels Book 2.
Angela, Habs fan and Mooseheads fan,
Nova Scotia

I saw the notice in The Hockey News about the book and finally remembered to go online and order it. After reading the website, I know I am going to really enjoy the book. My son says I put the fan in fanatic. I just love the game of hockey!

PS   the badge is on my truck already!
Jody, Red Wings Fan, Ohio

"I was in Vancouver for the 2006 NHL Draft when I found Hockey & High Heels in the Canucks store. When I saw that book I thought it might be something interesting to read on the flight home. I absolutely loved the book; it was everything I hoped it would be and more!"
Andrea, Sharks, Habs and Predators fan,

“ I like your spirit and sense of humor, and was amazed to see that I fall under the “POOF” fan category ( Play Off Only Fan) All in all…it was a positive for I have promised myself to buy hockey tickets for the whole family for a game next season. Woohoo!”
Marie, Senators Fan, Ottawa, Canada

"Can’t wait for the next in the series of Hockey & High Heels. Keep up the great work for this great game."
Kim, Seasoned Sharks/ Bruins fan,

"I got my first laugh out loud moment when you said Fin resembles a giant bong. My husband and my son wanted to know what I was laughing about. At this point they’ve gotten used to me chuckling when reading your book. I can’t wait for H&HH 2. Thanks for writing such a fabulous book!"
Wendi, Tampa Bay Lightning fan,

“I have been around hockey all of my life and could not agree more with Bobby Hull’s quote on your website, women fans are the best. I am from this area and there has been a great hockey following, more so after the arrival of the Avalanche. There are still so many people who do not understand the game especially women. These people are fans of hockey because of the entertainment value. Books like yours help to swing that in the direction where they are fans for life.”
Ben Peal, Account Executive,
Colorado Eagles Hockey Club

“A funny and charming look into the life of a female hockey fan, Lisa Ovens writes of her love for the Vancouver Canucks, great hair, and the allure of New Jersey Devils center, Scott Gomez. The prose takes the forms of diary entries, game summaries, and conversations with friends, and looks at travails of a fan in a refreshing way. “
The Hockey News Annual Hockey Book Guide,
Toronto, Canada

"One of the great mysteries of life for women is what men see in hockey. In order to answer this question of great cosmic portent, Lisa Ovens set out to write the ultimate women's guide to hockey. Following the Canucks through the 2002-03 season, Ovens and Stacey, her teammate in the quest, learn everything there is to know about hockey, including which seats the purists prefer, where the "office" is and the sex appeal of Scott Gomez. Someone give this woman a column."
Peter Darbyshire, Reading editor, The Province,
Vancouver, Canada

"Hockey, high heels, beer and great hair. What's not to love? Lisa weaves hockey facts and trivia through this book as effortlessly as Markus Naslund scores goals. A must read for the hockey Goddess in all of us."
Sandra Thomas, journalist and Canucks fan,
The Vancouver Courier Newspaper, Vancouver, Canada

“Reading Hockey & High Heels has given me a greater understanding and appreciation for the game. Perhaps in the future, Lisa’s Hockey & High Heels guidance will prevent me from losing patience and dumping my hockey fanatic boyfriends.”
Holly, spa owner…non fan,
 Vancouver, Canada

“Funny, funny stuff! Lisa, it is absolutely the best. I’ve always wanted to learn more about hockey but I hate reading technical books (yawn). You make it fun and easy. Thanks so much for writing your book.”
Sue, new hockey fan,
Texas, USA

"The writing is solid, the jokes are funny, but what she really nailed is the passion for the game. Hockey needs Lisa. Especially now."
Tony, Red Wings fan,
Michigan, USA

"I love it. It's such a feel good book. I think anyone, hockey fan or not, would come away with a smile on their face after reading it. It's full of fun facts and little glimpses into the world of a Canadian Hockey fan, but more importantly, a female hockey fan."
Phyllis, hockey fan,
Oregon, USA

"I would have never thought to buy a hockey book. A really, light and easy way to learn about hockey."
Corny, new fan, Langley,
BC, Canada


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