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Lisa takes a roam around the hockey planet for the latest buzz on the new Canucks team jersey, “The Kid’s” new clothes, Buffalo’s Ice Bowl, the stately Kings/ Regal Ducks UK matches and Mike Myers new comedy with a heavy hockey theme. And oh, Trevor Linden. 

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by Lisa Ovens
August 28th, 2007

Trevor Linden: another year in a Canuck uniform Yes, I am very pleased he signed with the Vancouver Canucks for another year. I will be even more pleased to see coach Alain Vigneault continue to put Linden in more offensive situations. Here’s a thought, why not try Linden on a line with Markus Naslund. Linden has size and plenty of hockey smarts, and it would be interesting to see what Mr. Canuck and Captain Naslund could do together. We only live once!

Canucks New Jersey: Crazy stuff here: the Canucks announce the “unveiling of the new jersey” party at GM Place is set for Wed. Aug. 29th, and all 6000 free tickets available were snapped up in a matter of a few hours. The event begins with a tailgate party complete with free hotdogs and beverages before everyone heads inside to finally see the “new look” jersey. The new look has been such a huge topic in Canuck land all summer long; it will be a relief to finally see the darn thing. Then we can all move on to other important things like Trevor Linden playing on a line with Markus Naslund.

Sidney Crosby: Fashion designer. This is cool. Sidney, along with Reebok have launched a line of off ice apparel for men, boys, and down the road next spring, a line for women, too! (And let’s hope they give us a T –shirt in black and yellow)

 The line, known as RbKSC87 is tres exclusive and only available at three retailers in Canada: Sportchek, National Sports and Sport Experts. Unfortunately, Internet shoppers will not be able to order online. I will bet RbKSC87 will be such a hit in Canada, that it’ll make the States by All Star Break. Way to go Sidney!

The Ice Bowl Commeth? According to Shelly Anderson of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, hockey fans can expect to see an outdoor game on New Years Day featuring the hockey stylings of host team, the Buffalo Sabres and their special guests, the Pittsburgh Penguins. What to wear to an outdoor game on New Years Day at an outdoor football stadium? Hey, Sid, I hope you’ve included a flirty, but cozy parka in the women’s line. (Remember, I am a woman who lives in a city that shuts down whenever it snows)

England brings out its best china for the NHL...Ooh how exciting a hockey match in London! The Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks will be putting on a show, the “NHL Premier London 2007” Sept 29 and 30 at the very new and far out O2 Arena. I could devote an entire column to the 02 Arena, but for now, I will offer a couple of tidbits: 20,000 capacity, built for music, anybody who’s anybody in music is booked to play there, has a High Definition recording facility and “ 7 second pint” fast- pour technology in some of the bars. You heard me…seven seconds! The Kings and Ducks are playing two regular season games, and they are SOLD OUT.

Wow...Justin Timberlake and Jessica Alba in a Hockey Movie?? Who wouldn’t want to be in a Mike Myers comedy? The Love Guru tells the tale of Pitka (Myers) a self-help guru big on couples therapy. So begins the hijinks…and the hockey!

Pitka is enlisted to save a hockey team’s chance at a championship. Could it be forty years since the last one? (Can you say Maple Leafs?) The team’s fortune rest on its star player Darren Roanoke (Romany Malco) who’s on ice performance has been affected by the fact his estranged wife is dating a player named Jacques Grande (Timberlake) on a rival team. Another tribute to the Maple Leafs: Jessica’s Alba’s character, the team owner, is named Jane Bullard, which sounds an awful lot like Ballard (as in Harold Ballard, the late and not so great owner of the Leafs.) Naturally the hockey world will be keeping a close eye on Jessica’s wardrobe, to see if she sets any new trends for the real owners. Not sure who will play the wife but Verne Troyer is cast as Coach Cherkov. Filming begins in Toronto next month.  The Love Guru opens June 20th, 2008. Great timing as we always need more hockey in June!


Happy Hockey!

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