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Once again the most difficult trophy to win in all professional sports evokes tears, smiles and plenty of goose bumps. The 2006/07 season ends with the Anaheim Ducks defeating the Ottawa Senators 6-2, and Lisa sitting on her sofa.

A Big Win on the West Coast


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by Lisa Ovens
Thursday, June 7th

“They are enjoying it right now, and it’s
all about them.”
Anaheim Ducks Head Coach, Randy Carlyle, during an ice level interview minutes after the Ducks won their first Stanley Cup... and he’s so right. 

Congratulations to the Anaheim Ducks, 2007 Stanley Cup Champions and a big High Five to every single Duck Fan out there, especially the fans who created the atmosphere at the games – you all did hockey proud. And in the same breath, Hey Ottawa Senators, too bad about this loss, maybe you’ll come around to the finals again soon. Your fans seriously rocked, and I will always remember their spirit and hockey pride they left on the table after every game, since round one began two months ago. It’s a long haul and a big job for hockey fans and both groups rose to the challenge. 

Stanley Cup Collage
The View from Lisa's Sofa!

I’m sure Canadians hockey fans everywhere are a little sad and discouraged after watching three Stanley Cup finals in a row, all with Canadian teams competing; first the Calgary Flames, then the Edmonton Oilers, and now the Ottawa Senators, and the cup still hasn’t made it back to Canada in 14 years. One could hear it in Bob Cole’s voice, the clock ticking down, announcing the Anaheim Ducks as champions. – You know he’d like to be the guy calling the game when the Cup finally comes home. Well, I have one word of consolation for you all: Loungo. Okay, there I said it, the Canucks will be the next Canadian team to make the 2008, and they’ll win their first Stanley Cup, end this drought and bring it on home. Oops, I get two for being a homer! Back to the Ducks... 

...Too bad they changed the team’s name. It would have been swell to see the name “Mighty Ducks of Anaheim” engraved on the Stanley Cup the next time I see it. Oh well so much for my fun. And so much for the plans I had for this Saturday watching Game Six. I miss hockey already.  I don’t know about you, but I am going to miss Snoop Dogg and his  “fo shizzle dizzle”. Snoop’s a new fan to the game and seemed to fit right in with the die-hard Duck fans. I hope to see more of Snoop mixin’ it up with the likes of HNIC’s Scott Oake at the games next season.  Ah, next season...I can hardly wait.  

I do have a few memories of last night’s game because I took pictures of my TV. Yep, I do that sometimes, and sometimes I actually shoot a good one. The following picture is not a good one, but the subject is. I know it’s blurry, but I managed to catch an interesting moment: Ducks GM, Brian Burke, who just finished his turn hoisting the cup on the ice, is seen here, just after he passes the cup…to a woman! I don’t know who she is, but judging by the towel on her shoulder, she just might be from the training staff. What a thrill for her!

Woman Raises Cup!!!! 

Before I end this column with a few more post game quotes, I have a little reminder for hockey fans... 

Don’t forget to watch the NHL Awards on CBC, Thursday June 14th, 2007 at 8pm!!

More quotes

 “It feels real empty right now.”
Ottawa Senators captain, Daniel Alfredsson 


“It’s worth the five or six grand to have them here.”
  Anaheim’s brad May, on flying in his family for game five. 

“I played my balls off tonight!”
Anaheim Duck, Ryan Getzlaf 

“Looks like hockey is doing pretty well in Southern California.”
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman 

Lisa Ovens... from her sofa.

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