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Columnist Jan Snyder, a die hard Penguins fan, experiences the Canuck side of Playoff hockey life on her recent trip to Vancouver.

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Jan Snyder
April 27th 2007

“We Are All Canucks ”

By Jan Snyder

Including me, the transplanted Pittsburgher living in Texas

When I found out I would be in Vancouver, I let Lisa, our Hockey and High Heels guru, know immediately.  Little did I dream I would have the chance to attend Game Seven of the Dallas/Vancouver series with her! 

There were plenty of firsts on this trip –

My first visit to Vancouver – what a beautiful city!
My first time to meet Lisa – what a wonderful hostess!
My first time at a Game Seven of anything!
My first time to be a Canucks fan!

And most interesting, my first time attending a hockey game in the company of a woman wearing a blue feather boa!

Yes, our Lisa took “Believe in Blue” to the max.  Her blue boa matched her blue shirt, however, she was molting a bit by the end of the game.  I wore a Mario Lemieux shirt, true to my Penguins, and got some comments on it, but all were nice.  I did have a Canadian flag pinned to the shirt, though, to show my support.  And I sang loudly and proudly to both the American and Canadian anthems.  The excitement and tension in the air as the game started was palpable.

What a great crowd, yelling, towel-waving, so excited.  And their team didn’t let them down.  They came through like champs at the end.  I was happy to be there waving my towel and almost as excited as the “realCanucks fans.  The good part for me was that I wasn’t quite as emotionally invested as the true-blue fans, but the game was still nerve-wracking.  I love the line-up for the handshake at the end of the series and for once, saw the whole thing and wasn’t distracted by TV directors’ cuts to other action and interviews. 

Lisa and I also shared the opinion that “sing-songing” the name of the opposing goalie is just wrong.  Instead, we should be cheering on our own team, not trying to rattle the opponent.  Shouts of, “Go, Canucks, Go” are much more positive and lead to good things.

I loved GM Place and how close the fans were to the action.  The fact that vendors were selling donuts in the arena was incredible.  What a country!  Combining two of my very favorite things – hockey and donuts!  I will need to go back to GM Place in the future. 

As Lisa drove me back to the hotel, she wildly honked her car horn like everyone else in the downtown area.  This was a trip and a game I won’t soon forget.

Best of luck to “our” Canucks against the Ducks!



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