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by Lisa Ovens
December. 6th 2006

I’m only mentioning the chocolate bar once in this article. Okay, twice. Tis the season for chocolate and when I’m done writing this I am going out to find me a Jersey Milk bar. That’s if the super smooth chocolate bar is still current. On to more Jersey stuff…

My Naïve Jersey Moment

This past summer I heard about a new hockey magazine titled the Fourth Period, named after the hockey website. I emailed the website for some information, and they promptly emailed me a media kit. I perused the kit and discovered the magazine would have a monthly feature named “Jersey Girl” where she discusses her passion for hockey along with photos and interviews. I thought, “Cool – a female fan talkin’ hockey featured in a new hockey magazine… I like it!” Well, last week I managed to find a copy of the first issue, and yes, Jersey Girl is a hockey fan…but she doesn’t say much about hockey, and only wears a thong and an NHL jersey while posed on all fours. Not exactly what I was expecting…

Not One, But two Jerseyvilles??

I didn’t know that! The name Jerseyville slid across my desk a couple of days ago. Jerseyville, Ontario. I had never heard of Jerseyville before, and the first thing that popped into my head, and I am sure everyone else’s, “ I wonder what they call their hockey team?”  They are the Jerseyville Panthers in their blue hockey jerseys. While in google mode I discovered a second Jerseyville, but this one’s in Illinois. They have a hockey team, and they too, are called the Jerseyville Panthers. Are they one in the same?? Need more google time. Anyway, I couldn’t find any indication that either Jerseyville is the birthplace of anything Jersey; shirts or chocolate bars.

Pink Jerseys…What women say, and are the jerseys here to stay?

I’ve surfed around the Internet chat rooms over the last few months for “the word on the street” regarding the pink jerseys, and this is what I’ve found: We women are an incredibly divided group when it comes to the color pink and form fitting sports jerseys. There’s the group of female fans who only want to wear team colors, and the jersey has to be game ready, just like the ones the players wear. However, if the NHL were to sell the pink jerseys as a fundraiser for breast cancer these women would purchase one and not wear it.  This group also feels the pink jerseys are for puck bunnies and women who know nothing about hockey. (And I thought a puck bunny’s standard issue uniform was a tube top and a stylish tea towel that acts as a skirt…who knew?)

Then we have the female fans that not only hate the pink jersey and feel the NHL has insulted their gender by introducing it, they also are feeling some hate towards the women who like the pink jersey. Some even have said they would confront a female fan wearing a pink jersey if they ever saw one at a game.

Which leads us to the women who like the pink jersey. They like the bubble gum tone, the stripes and the flattering fit. They enjoy wearing pink, they enjoy hockey and support their team… to them, it’s a no brainer; they are buying the pink jersey.

Finally, there are the female fans who want the flattering fit, but in their teams colors.

It is this last group that caught my attention, because many of them have been searching for the old form fitting jerseys in the team colors and haven’t been finding any. Incidentally, this is my group, and I haven’t seen these female friendly team colored jerseys around either. I called up Reebok and asked the customer service guy if the old women’s jerseys are in stock. No they are discontinued. I asked him how the pink ones were selling. Great, we’re sold out! Are you planning on bringing back the women’s jersey in the team colors? No… at least not this season.

Hmmm, I smell a marketing strategy here. What if the NHL and Reebok pulled a new Coke? You know…take something away while introducing something new as a replacement. Ruffle feathers steal a few headlines, and then bam – bring back the “classic”; all is forgiven and sales go up! Or, they could dive back into the Crayon box and pick another controversial color for next season…like Wisteria, or Purple Pizzazz.

Pink Script..oops Post Script

I spoke with a friend and color energy expert, Jennifer Noble, and she passed along a little information about Pink and what it can do for our spirits: Pink is the color for the heart Chakra, which connects us to our universal love. It is a color for love, kindness and consideration. Pink helps remove all unwanted aggression and irritation. Pink’s energy protects and gives peace of mind. Some might think it’s not a hockey color, but dang, if it can lull an opposing hockey team so the Canucks can score more goals…I’m all for it!!

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