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New! For the Love of Empty Net Goals by Lisa Ovens

Winter, 2010

For the Love of Empty net Goals follows critically acclaimed hockey author, Lisa Ovens as she navigates the wonderful world of professional hockey. Lisa’s offbeat hockey adventures take her from the Sunbelt to the Rustbelt examining NHL hockey culture and documenting the rise of the female hockey fan like no other book has done before.

From the NHL Lockout, to hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics in her backyard, Lisa covers the latest transformation of North America’s fourth big league sport with style, humor and honesty.

Never before has the female hockey fan received so much attention from the National Hockey League and sports media in general. Lisa Ovens's new book is as timely as it gets for hockey enthusiasts everywhere.


about the book

Hockey & High Heels by Lisa Ovens

released winter, 2005

Hockey & High Heels highlights the fan experience in this humorous Hockey caper set during the NHL’s 2002/03 hockey season.

Join Lisa, and her sidekick, Stacey, as they follow their hometown team, the Vancouver Canucks in their quest for the Stanley Cup. Along the way, Lisa soon finds Hockey creeping into all aspects of her life. And by the time the final whistle is blown, she's pretty much surrendered her wallet, and ultimately her will, to this magnificent sport.

New Hockey fans will learn about the game, the people and the lifestyle. Long time fans will enjoy a different take on the sport they've loved for years.
Come along and discover...

  • What The Brady Bunch and the seeding of playoff teams have in common
  • The pros and cons of wearing a feather boa to a Hockey game
  • The truth about Hockey in South Florida
  • The importance of shoes in Hockey
  • An uncommon remedy for baldness

The female Hockey fan has arrived, with a few million of her girlfriends. But, the guys are invited, too, if only for the baldness remedy. At Hockey & High Heels, everyone is welcome.























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