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We are pleased to welcome Ottawa Guest Columnist Lisa Rudyk as she covers the Stanley Cup Crazy Capital of Canada. Readers may remember meeting Lisa’s cousin Lisa, (also known as Easter Conference Lisa, or E.C.Lisa for short) and her cameo appearance in the book, Hockey & High Heels. E.C. Lisa is currently in French language training, with her school conveniently located across the street from Ottawa City Hall, a staging area for Senator Rallies, and when there’s time, municipal politics.

Interview With Marilyn Olsen, one of the Ottawa Senator’s Biggest Fans!


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by Lisa Rudyk
May 30th, 2007

As you know, I am currently on French language training. We are lucky enough that our school is across the street from Ottawa city hall, therefore our class was able to attend the lunch hour rally on May 24.  We also happen to have, in our class, one of the Senator’s strongest supporters - Marilyn Olsen.  In fact, the Ottawa Citizen interviewed her at the rally.  On May 25, we interviewed Marilyn, en français.  Below is the translated synopsis of that interview: 

Q: Who is your favorite player for the Senators?

A: Daniel Alfredsson; he is a good leader and both a strong and good player. 

Q: Will Daniel win the Stanley Cup for the team?

A: I don’t think so but he will play a big role in the Senator’s winning
the cup.

Q: Do you think Daniel will score the final goal?

A: It’s possible, it’s possible - however the strength of the team is that all of the players are capable of scoring the winning goal.

Q: How many games will it take to win?

A: I believe they will win in 5 games; it’s our lucky number.


Q: Who is the best player for Anaheim?

A: This is a difficult question, but I believe it is Chris Pronger - recently he has moved to Anaheim from Edmonton (after the last trading deadline). Chris doesn’t like Canadian cities - he wanted this change - he didn’t like Edmonton.  Their other strong player is Teemu Selanne. 

Q: Will the Senators play well while away?

A: This is another strength for our team - they can play well while away and also at Scotiabank Place.

Q: Do you think the Senators will win in Ottawa?

A: I think so, match 4 would be a sweep - however, if they win in Anaheim it would be game 7. 

Q: What did you think of the rally yesterday?

A: It was a great idea for the supporters of the Senators and a good idea for the spirit of the community. It will help maintain the sense of excitement and momentum. 

Q: What do you think of the availability of tickets and their price?

A: That’s a bad subject (Marilyn really wanted to buy tickets but was discouraged after finding out that there would only be about 1000 tickets (and poor seats at that) available for each game). After Wayne Gretzky changed teams to Los Angeles - that was the moment that I realized that this game is a business - it’s not for people who don’t have a lot of money.  However, the tickets are available for the supporters who can buy season’s tickets - I am in agreement with that.  As for the scalpers I think the police have to stop that. 


Thank you for this report from the field, Lisa. Not only did you talk hockey, but also managed to work your French studies into the assignment, making this a win win situation Ah, multi tasking…such a wonderful thing! 

We look forward to more stories from Ottawa…:o)  Go Sens Go!!! 

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