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A short while ago, columnist Jan Snyder asked readers to submit some potential new nicknames for Sidney Crosby.

Crosby’s Nickname part Two


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Jan Snyder
December 24th 2007

 A few weeks ago, I was lamenting the fact that Sid the Kid was no longer a viable nickname for Crosby and the fact that nicknames weren’t very creative any more.  I asked you to e-mail any suggestions you might have. I heard from several fans and here are some of the ideas they came up with:

Ashli, a Pens fan displaced in Kansas, didn’t offer a new name, but she commented on one of Mike Lange’s.  Mike is the radio voice of the Penguins and the voice you used to hear all the time on highlight shows saying, “Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too” or “He didn’t know whether to cry or wind his watch” after a Penguin score. Ashli says, “I have adopted what Mike calls Crosby occasionally when he does something spectacular (which is pretty darn often).  He calls him ‘Sir Sidney’.  I also enjoy what Lange’s color commentator, Phil Bourque, says of some of Sid’s moves….he calls them ‘Sid-a-licious’!”

Dannielle from Pittsburgh agrees that Sid needs a new name. “I’ve been thinking about it, but the best I can come up with is Sid-o-rama to honor his love of the spin-o-rama.”

Good idea, Dannielle!

Greg from Burbank wrote to say that he likes the nickname for Raitis Ivanans who plays for the Kings. “As a 6’3”, 263 lb. enforcer, I think ‘Bam Bam’ fits pretty good.”

Greg’s suggestion for Sid?  “Bada Bing Crosby” – I can hear Mike Lange now as Sid roofs one: “Bada Bing -- Crosby scores again!” 

Let’s keep the conversation going.  What other nicknames tickle you, present and past, for players?  And keep thinking about Sid – even as we speak, he’s getting older!  He can’t be a “Kid” forever!

E-mail me at with your comments or ideas.


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Happy Holidays!


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