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With no home team to cheer for, Lisa Ovens dives into her hockey merchandise collection and presents the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoff SWAG OFF!! Watch the match ups go head to head in the Ultimate Battle of SWAG. How far will your favorite team's SWAG goes in this year's playoffs?

Hockey & High Heels *S*W*A*G* OFF!!!

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by Lisa Ovens
Updated Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

It’s the super cool, yet kind of weird,

Hockey & High Heels *S*W *A*G* OFF!! 

------------------------PLAYOFF EDITION ----------------------------

Conference Final Swag Champs

You know how during the Oscar's they have last year's winners present awards to this year's winners? Well here in the Swag off we put a spin on that: instead of winners presenting awards, We have losers! the Canadian teams located in the Western Conference that didn't make the Playoffs show up and congratulate the Eastern Swag Champion. And visa versa...

Western Conference Final Champions: Detroit Red Wings

Finally the Leafs have a presence on this website! Anyway, congrats and all that jazz to the Detroit Red Wings for making it to the Stanley Cup Finals. I am so envious of your team right now. But I promised to not make this about the Leafs so... have fun playing the Penguins!

Western Conference Champion Swag, the Red Wings Cozy Set!!

This swag replaced the original piece of Wings swag from the first round, and it was in place when the Wings were their most formidable: sweeping the Avalanche out of round two. Until the Stevie Y Magazine is returned, this winning combination of "home and away" will represent...Go WINGS!!!!

Eastern Conference Champions: Pittsburgh Penguins

Congratulations Pittsburgh Penguins! You still don't have to travel that far for the last round of the Playoffs! Power to the Pin!!!


Eastern Conference Swag Champion, The Malkin Pin: Malkin Drives the Zamboni!!!!!!

It seems like yesterday this pin was introduced to the world wide web, via the Swag OFF. Now the "Malkin drives the Zamboni" is a bonafide Superstar with the heart of a lion, taking out the Sens Salt and pepper shakers, the Rangers mini wooden stick and the Flyer's Bill Barber Hockey Card. However, the the Final Chapter of the "MDZ Pin" rise to the top has yet to be written...and what exciting times to be "writing!!"



UPDATEMay 16th, 2008: Um, Hi, Jiri here. Listen, two days ago, when I made the Public Service announcement below, I didn't actually think it would work. I was just trying to be nice to the Stars and the Flyers, and have a little fun at Dion Phanuef's expense. And then both teams end up winning their game fours. Go figure...


Public Service Announcement

Hi, I'm Jiri Flamanov from the Calgary Flames. I'm hear to speak about an uncomfortable subject: SWEEPS. It is quite possible that both the Eastern and the Western Conference Finals will end in four games, leaving hockey fans everywhere deprived of hockey action in what should be the drama filled Conference Finals. Not only that, but these potential sweeps will also push up the start date for the Stanley Cup Final round, prompting an earlier end to this hockey season as we know it, leaving us no choice but to fill our time watching Dion Phaneuf shake water out of his ear on a beach in Hawaii on You Tube.

As a Public Service, I strongly urge the Dallas Stars and the Philadelphia Flyers to pull up their socks, win their game fours and know their hard work will not only put countless brooms back in the closet where they belong, but it will also save us from the horror of repeated viewings of Phanuef's "Elaine Benis" style leg kicks on the beach. Thank you for your time...enjoy the Swag OFFS!


Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philadelphia Flyers

Penguins win the series 4-1

Update May 19, 2008: Ouch - 6-nothing, and then the Flyers go home. Flyer Daniel Briere must be really frustrated: three trips to the ECF and nothing to show for it, not even being able to say "I didn't touch the Prince of Wales trophy!"

Update May 16th:Just when we thought it might be over, the series gets interesting. The Flyers win game four and avoid the sweep. Now they have to do something new this playoffs: win a game in the Igloo. If the Flyers do pull off the win on Sunday, then the following bit might be useful for game six...

Last time (game 3 & 4) :The Sea of White, the White Out, or as I like to call it the Sea of Antarctica, will now head to its sofas and arm chairs to watch the Pens play in enemy territory; a territory complete with its own sea: The Sea of Orange, or as they call it, the Orange Crush. And as tough and as intimidating of a place that Philadelphia is going to be, I have one little thought for Penguins fans: The Flyers have TastyKakes as an official sponsor: come tough and mean are TastyKakes??

I'm sure, by now, you all know Jan Snyder's Playoff Donuts kick Tasty Kake ass, don't you?

Penguins Swag

Malkin drives the Zamboni Pin. In case you've just joined us, please scroll down for the complete history of this delightful piece of swag. Everyday this pin inspires oohs, ahhs, and even a few marriage proposals. Let's hope all of this extra attention doesn't go to the pin's head.

Flyers Swag

Bill Barber Hockey Card with color co-ordinated stones. Well to be complimentary, he did take out the Kovalev Card and the Caps puck. But as convincing of a performance as Barber's was in the semis, this display is now on shaky ground after the Flyers lost game three. (Yes, Flyers inspired stones can be considered shaky ground.)

Update: Well, they did get a win during game four before the game five blowout. Plus the Flyers have received plenty of kind words and praise for going from the worst in the league last year to an EC Finalist this year. See you next season, Orange Crush!


Detroit Red Wings vs. Dallas Stars

Detroit wins the series 4-2

Update May 19th: Okay, Turco finally got his first professional win at the Joe Louis Arena on the weekend. But if this series plays out like the Wings first rounder, Mr. Turco may have to wait until next season to go for number two pro win in the Joe...

Update May 14th: What can I say...what's a playoff series in Dallas like if it doesn't have controversy extremely close or inside the blue paint of a goal tender's crease during the Stanley Cup Playoffs? Some one from the Stars said their win in game four would plant a seed of doubt in the Red Wings' heads. Hmmm, I don't believe Mike Babcock has a quirky term for the word doubt. And my guess would be the word doubt has been banned in the entire state of Michigan until further notice.

Last time: Well, we've all heard this by now: It's not that the Dallas Stars are that bad of a team, it's the fact that the Red Wings are that much better. The Stars have one more opportunity to get back into this series, and give their fans a win. The Red Wings have one more opportunity to sweep a team and, in this case,win, BUT not touch the Campbell Conference Bowl, a trophy they have won four times.

Red Wings Swag

Update: did I speak too soon? Ever since I changed the Swag to the Red Wings Zamboni, the wings have lost. Does the MDZ Pin have something to do with this? No one said there could only be one Zamboni in the Swag Off. I smell conspiracy theory...

Wed. May 14th: It doesn't seem to matter what swag I show here: the Wings keep winning! I could take a picture of a red napkin, post it, and the Wings will win. But right now, I think this adorable little Red Wings Zamboni fits the bill rather nicely. Another score from my 2004 Detroit trip, this Zamboni was gifted to my good friend, Helen and it helps keep her desk nice and clean! This pic was shot at the bar of the Hockeytown Cafe, and the Zamboni sits on top of a real ice surface built right into the bar. Cool, in every way!

Dallas Stars Swag

Update May 19th: The last two wins probably felt really good for Marty and the Stars. Especially the win at the Joe. Marty no longer has to battle that particular stat. Tonight you can bet the Wings are going to do everything to disrupt Marty's "pristine kitchen" (kitchen not exactly as shown above)

Previously on the "Turco Can't win at the Joe"...At the end of the day it is all about Turco. He's the bottom line, and probably much to his dismay, so is his past performance at the Joe Louis Arena. Raise your hand if you are tired of hearing "0 and 11, pro career, blah blah blah..." Come on little Turco, smack your defenders in the butt, scrape up the biggest snow piles you can at the sides of your net, teach Mike Rebeiro about what goalies don't like about being hit with a stick, and enjoy the heck out of being in your home barn for the next two games!! Your Swag photo here at is a fan favourite! Forget the Joe record, and be proud of that, kay?



Special Guest Swag!

I know everyone fell in love with the "Malkin driving the Zamboni pin", but I thought I’d also feature this authentic Penguins Season Ticket Holder Gift Box: just like the ones Penguins players personally delivered to selected ticket holders back in September 2007. I received this box at the Penguins Hockey & Heels event back in November. There are four words on each side of the box: Dedication, Determination, Confidence and Sacrifice. Customers can currently find these qualities in stock on the Pittsburgh Penguins bench :o)______________________________________________


Semi Finals

Update: And Just like that, the Semi Finals ended. I miss it all ready. Thankfully, that Dallas Stars /San Jose Sharks' game six lasted a really long time, giving us fans who love the second round our money's worth.

San Jose Sharks vs. Dallas Stars

Dallas Stars win the series 4-2

Last night I was waiting for Jan to send me her column. "As soon as the Sharks/ Stars game ends I'll email it" she says when the game starts. By the second OT period we are doing goofy donut surveys online. (Jan has a new nickname now, Boston Jan) By the third OT we email back and forth our picks for who will score the goal (we were both wrong, BTW) By the fourth OT I realize, hey, I was at the Quadruple OT game last year with the Canucks and Stars. Geez, those Stars really have a thing for super long games: they must love it... in a weird sort of way. Way to go, boys, you pulled off a very big win.

Well, Sharks, you can re group: and put these dramatic and dysfunctional playoffs behind you and turn over a new teal leaf. Perhaps next year you won't be picked to win the Cup by so many, and then relax and swim under the radar in the 2009 Playoffs. But be on the look out for a certain Killer Whale in your midst. (A girl can hope can't she?)

San Jose Sharks (New Swag item)

The old Sharks swag (Nabobkov hockey card) has the worst record out of the playoff goal tenders, so I had to pull him late in the third. With nothing Brian Boucher in stock, all eyes were on this Cheechoo photo, courtesy of my friend Michelle. She took this pic way back at the beginning of the season at the Canucks home opener, then promptly framed it.

Dallas Stars Swag

Although Marty Turco is shown here wearing green pads, we're really diggin' the gold pads he's been sporting lately. You see, the spectacular saves are only the half of it. I'm sure a girl named Katie would agree.

Hi Katie in Dallas!!! You put in a long shift last night with your Stars. Enjoy the Conference Finals...cheers :o)


Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Rangers

Penguins win the series 4-1

Well, the ironic high sticking call and non call involving Pen, Ryan Malone and Ranger, Chris Drury will be beaten to death in discussion forums and on sports talk radio for a long time to come. Man. It was just such an ironic sports moment, I have nothing else to add at this time.

I enjoyed this series quite a bit. With the NHL Schedule the way it's been, it was great to spend some quality time with the Rangers. It's been like 14 years since I last saw the Rangers so much...oh geez...why am I going there? I am happy for the Penguins fans from Sea to Shining Sea. And Enjoy that Sea of Orange Crush next round :o)

Malkin Pin two, Rangers stick relegated to the closet.

Pittsburgh Penguins Swag

Word on the street is this lucky little Evengi Malkin pin is the all the rage in Steeltown. I heard a rumor Mario Lemieux has one, but he takes it off when he arrives at home, so Crosby doesn't see him wearing it.

New York Rangers Swag

The Rangers mini stick is on the brink of elimination. To be fair, the Malkin Pin is on the brink of losing its second playoff game this post season.


Montreal Canadiens vs. Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers win the series 4 -1

Well, that's it for the Canadian teams in the playoffs. I guess Canadian Hockey fans have been spoiled the last few years: The Flames, Oilers and the Senators all making the S.C. Final and then losing. Woe is us.

Again: much was said about this series; the goal tenders, the officiating, questionable hits. But still no one has yet to touch on this one key issue, so I repeat:

If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you choose... Carbonneau or Stevens???

Montreal Canadiens Swag

Their back...and with a vengence - the tag team combo of the vintage style Habs shirt and the old Alexei Kovalev as a Ranger hockey card. I have many friends who would like to see this shirt take it all and win the Swag OFFS. The sad part about that is it would go into the Swag Hall of Fame, and I would never be able to wear it again.


Philadelphia Flyers Swag

Hey Bill Barber, how's it going? Yes, some were surprised to see the Bill Barber card move into the semis instead of the Washington Capitals hockey puck with the Versace dresses in the background. And then to knock off the mighty Habs shirt/ Kovalev Card combo in five...everyone's like, just who are these Flyers, and where can we get us some of that Umberger?

Now it's The Eastern Conference Final. It is the Battle of the Malkin Pin and the Barber Hockey Card with color co-ordinating stones, other wise known as the Battle of Pennsylvania.


Detroit Red Wings vs. Colorado Avalanche

Detroit wins the series 4-0

We don't know who will play the Red Wings in the Western Conference Finals, but whether it be the Stars or the Sharks, I have one bit of advice for all of you players:


Holy Franzen! Are the Wings hot or What? And what about the Swag. It doesn't matter which Swag is displayed: the hat and gloves, or the Sports Illustrated Commemorative Stevie Y issue, their HOT HOT HOT!

Detroit Red Wings Swag

These are temporary replacement swag items (we consulted the rule book for the Swag OFF competition, and yes temps are allowed). A friend of mine saw the Sports Illustrated Special Stevie Y issue, borrowed it from me and I am still waiting for its return. In the mean time, check out this snazzy winter combo suitable for any and all Hockeytown Hoopla! I purchased the toque at the Hockeytown cafe in Detroit back in 2004. It, too resided in my earthquake kit (should the big one hit in the winter I am prepared) And the Semi's wouldn't be complete without...MAGIC GLOVES!! Yes, their back, courtesy of the earthquake kit, but this time with the Winged Wheel!

Colorado Avalanche (New Swag Item)

It's the Mighty Joe Sakic Celebriduck. Fresh from the bath, too. I have no idea who came up with the idea to create hockey player rubber duckies, but I'd sure like to meet them. A few years ago I got a tip these babies were on sale in a shop in West Vancouver. I went in search of a Markus Naslund duck, but came home with Joe. The Nazzies were sold out.

Sadly the Sakic Duck has been officially knocked out of the Swag OFFs. I know the rubber duckie came into the series late, but God love him, he didn't quit despite the lopsided score.




Washington Capitals vs. Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers win series 4-3

Much has been said about this series and Alexander Ovechkin's NHL Play Off debut. His point production has been slow, but his celebration of every single goal scored by his teammates remains a highlight.  Fans and media are hoping for the Caps to win this series for one reason: a Penguins/ Capitals series for Round Two. If the Flyers can’t muster up the killer instinct tonight and end this series in six, we’ll be one game closer to Crosby vs. Ovechkin.

Update: And indeed we are one game closer to Crosby vs. Ovechkin

Washington Capitals Swag

Alexander Ovechkin's Play off debut hasn't outshined the debut of this Capitals new logo hockey puck in my hockey collection. As you can see it's was a formal affair, with everybody wearing Versace.


Philadephia Flyers Swag

Here’s a little luck for the Bill Barber hockey card. Barber is a celebrated retired Flyer, a Hockey Hall of Famer, now working for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Barber is seen here on set, relaxing on color coordinated stones. (Just what am I doing with Flyer stones , anyway?)


Anaheim Ducks vs. Dallas Stars

Stars win the series 4-2

This has been a difficult series for me to catch with seven other series going on. However, I set up a second TV so that should take the pressure off me. But what about the pressure on last year's Stanley Cup champs? The Ducks can't lose anymore games. And the Stars? They need to display a killer instinct and knock the champs out of the playoffs. Yes, pressure on the Ducks, pressure on the Stars, but no pressure on me thanks to a second TV!

Update: After the Ducks took game five, The Stars rallied to win the series in Game Six. Killer instinct alive and well.

Anaheim Ducks Swag

Well, here is a fun one: a Playoff towel from Game One of the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Friend and Sens fan Andrew Lavigne gave it to me after his trip to Anaheim last year. I've kept it in my kitchen linens drawer ever since. Finally I made use of it. It's rather orange, and stands out nicely against the white Canucks and Giants towels crammed in there.

Dallas Stars Swag's a little Marty Turco in net! I like these cards because they aren't completely rectangle, and this one plays the puck OH so swell! After last year's 7 game overtime extravaganza series against the Canucks, I'd have to say this card has become much more special to me. It was a great series. Believe it or not, but Turco really earned a lot of respect from Vancouver fans. It may have only lasted a day or two for some, but it did happen.


The New York Rangers vs. The New Jersey Devils

Rangers win the series 4-1

Wow is this the series of convenience! According to Mapquest, the travel time from arena to arena is approx. 39 minutes and a distance of 17.77 miles. And oh, games are scheduled every other night! When asked about the lack of back to back games, the jaunt between the rinks and whether a player could finish a grande coffee in the time it takes to travel to Prudential Center, Jaromir Jagr said "Nobody said it was going to be easy. It's going to be hard." (slight embellishment on my part...Jagr was speaking about playing the Devils, not their convenient locale) I don't want to rain on NJ Devils fans, but for the good of the game, for a potential increase in media exposure for the NHL, it would probably not be a bad thing if the Rangers win this series. Admit it all of you, you want to see what Avery does in Round two, don't you?

Update: ALERT THE MEDIA- an Original Six team located in a huge sports market is heading to Round Two. Time to dig up '94 Cup stories...

New Jersey Devils Swag

Just as we don't see the Devils much in Vancouver, we don't see much in the ways of Devils merchandise. So, when I spotted this shot glass, I had to grab it. The really mystery is what is that devilish item stuffed inside the glass?

New York Rangers Swag

I am sure there are hockey fans out there that think the Rangers Sean Avery deserves a good spanking. Well look no further than the above classic wooden Rangers mini stick as the spanking accessory of choice! Many thanks to H& writer, Helen Peterson (on a season long sabbatical) for finding this stick for me while on a trip to the US Open a few years back. Helen said this stick was the ONLY item she could find when shopping for Rangers gear in Manhattan. She even signed it for me!


Minnesota Wild vs. Colorado Avalanche

Colorado wins the series 4-2

Well, if you haven't caught one of the games in this series yet, make some plans to see one and there might be only one more to see . To sum it up: they've been beating the crap out of each other!!! Finally the Avs and the Wild broke away from the recent tradition of 3-2 overtime games, with the Avs taking a 5-1 win in Game Four. Way to change it up there, boys! But they went back to the same old same old, minus the OT, with the Avs winning game five 3-2, despite every effort the Wild made to score more goals. Can you believe Gaborik hasn't scored yet? The Avalanche have been labeled the dark horse in the West. I am not sure it the Wild have been labeled anything yet. All I can say is, after watching the Wild knock out the Canucks in 2003, beware the Wild. Beware.

Update: The Dark Horse rides into round two.

Colorado Avalanche Swag

Look at this adorable little mug. It's even more adorable when styled on a set that includes tiny blue sequin flowers and a cheerful blue flower pot. Yes, words the Avalanche don't use in their marketing materials: tiny, sequin and cheerful. Thanks to my other pal named Andrew for lugging this all the way back from Denver for me ;o)

Minnesota Wild Swag

Okay, for a lot of Canucks fans, it isn't a stretch to say you don't have any Wild Swag in your cupboards. I really had to dig deep to uncover something with the Wild involved. And it happens to be this lovely Canucks program featuring the Wild's Branko Radivojevic on the cover. Incidentally, Branko Radivojevic is my mom's current favorite hockey name! (Mom...I'm kidding, honest!)


Detroit Red Wings vs. The Nashville Predators

Red Wings win the series 4-2

I have connection to both of these teams. I look at number one versus number eight, and a quote comes to mind. I posted it last year during the playoffs and I am posting it again...

Faith is to believe what you do not yet see. The reward for that faith is to see what you believe. - This quote was hand written on a board in the Detroit Red Wings locker room during the 1998 Stanley Cup Final. I don’t know who said it, but it worked because the Wings won the Cup that year.

Faith and belief is required, whether you are number one or number eight.

Okay, I wrote the above the night before the Predators pulled out a huge come from behind win at home against the Wings in game three. And then they win again on Wednesday night. Looks like faith and belief is alive and well in Nashville. However, it's the road games that give the Preds trouble. They can't exactly bring all the fans with them to pepper the evening with those three minute long cheers and standing O's, can they?

Update: Well, after Friday's game at the Joe, the Preds took a step closer to winning their first playoff road game ever: they lost in over time to the Wings. The Pred's Jordin Tootoo was seen removing an Octopus from the ice. That could be seen as a curse seeing as the Wings won this series in game six in the Preds Barn. Repeat after me: "Don't mess with the Octopus."


Detroit Red Wings

This particular Red Wings item wasn't available in Canada, and was only available in select States. Enter my friend and Red Wings fan AJ. When Sports illustrated released this special issue celebrating the career of Steve Yzerman, AJ was sweet enough to get me a copy too. AJ and I finally met at a game in Vancouver. I am writing a story about it.

Nashville Predators

This particular Predators item wasn't available in Canada, and was only available in one State. Enter my friend and Predators fan Marie. When these shirts were released for celebrating and saving the Nashville Predators, Marie was sweet enough to get me one too. Marie and I finally met at a game in Vancouver. I wrote a story about it.


Calgary Flames vs San Jose Sharks

Series tied 3-3

Oh hi there. You caught me off guard - I'm busy mopping up the drama and disfunction that has begun to ooze from this series. On both sides I might add. Nothing like a couple of successful comebacks, unsuccessful comebacks, fighting/ finger pointing amongst the troops, sleeping giants waking's all here. But hey, what about the fans? Shark tankers rock it, and how about that Sea of Red in Calgary? Sweet!

Update: Calgary won game six and their caviar wishes and Semi Final dreams are still alive. Look for the Sharks efforts to fill the Flames heads with nightmares on Tuesday night. Da da....da da....

Calgary Flames

flames russian dol

Meet Jiri Flamanov, the third doll in my set of hockey Russian Nesting Dolls. I purchased the set at the local Russian Cultural Centre. They were the only set there, and the only ones I’ve seen since. It’s a special time for little Jiri as he gets outside of the bigger dolls for a special photo shoot. Will this curious piece of hockey swag bring good luck to the 7th seed Flames?? Or will disciplined play be the saving grace? Maybe it will be the Faux hawk craze that's currently sweeping Cowtown.

San Jose Sharks


I searched high and low for something Sharks in my collection. Finally, a quick breeze through my hockey card collection turned up a rather flashy Evgeni Nabokov card. Now if I could get my hands on one of those giant shark heads to gently float down from the ceiling, I’ll be set. Ooh the Shark Tank looks like an exciting place to be. This team was the team nobody wanted to play in the first round. And the fans might also have something to do with it. And oh, Nabokov might be a factor, too. Dude made some killer saves in Game two for a 2-0 shut out. Shark fans beware: whenever my friend Michelle calls me during a game, the Sharks lose - yikes! Okay, it didn't work in game five.


Montreal Canadiens vs the Boston Bruins

Montreal wins series 4 -3

A classic playoff series to keep an eye on for sure. Neither goal tender has had NHL playoff experience AND everybody knows how important goal tending is in the Playoffs (almost as important as SWAG). Over the years, the Canadiens have pretty much owned the Bruins in the playoffs. But, remember Ron Maclean’s bikini quote and you just might think the Bruins have a chance to win this series. Update: Oh my, the Bruins are very much in this series after beating the Habs in Bell Centre no less, 5-1. game Six is in Boston, and all eyes will be on Habs goal tender, Carey Price to see if he can rebound from a costly mistake mishandling the puck that led to the Bruins scoring burst in the third. Talk about your TSN Turning Points. I remember one like it was yesterday: Lidstrom shoots from the center line, scores on Cloutier...oh why did I have to go there?

Update: Huge win for the Habs. Price shuts the door, leaving the Bruins scoreless on their last game of the season.

Montreall Canadiens


I love this shirt. A few years ago I was invited to arrive an hour early to shop at a skiwear sample sale before the general public. Much to my delight they also had a rack of NHL clothing samples at unbelievable prices. I saw this Habs vintage style top and it was a must buy. I had to add this hockey card of Alexei Kovalev, then with the Rangers, after winning the 1994 Stanley Cup. Unfortunately, due to a scheduling error, Kovalev didn’t get his day with the Cup, like all the players do when they win it. It’s a great shot because you can really see how big the Cup is. Who knows, maybe Kovalev will finally get his day. Gee, I hope I am not jinxing anything for the Montreal Canadiens...

Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins gloves

The weirder the *s*w*a*g* the better I say, and these Boston Bruins magic gloves are on the unusual side. The logo looks fantastic. But put them on and you’ll instantly feel like a mascot. Maybe that’s why I found them in a big bin for $1.99 at a local dollar store. Strangely enough the only other magic gloves in the bin were two other Original Six teams, the New York Rangers and the Detroit Red Wings. Guess the Blackhawks, the Canadiens and the Leafs were too cool....or too popular?


Pittsburgh Penguins vs. the Ottawa Senators:

(The Inagural H&HH *S*W*A*G* OFF!)

Penguins win series: 4-0

Talk about tables turning! The Pens and Sens met in last year's first round, with the Senators winning the series in five games. That Sen swagger carried them all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals (but lost). Now the Penguins seem to have the confidence. How far will they go??Well into the Semi Final round for starters. This team is riding high after a four game sweep of the Ottawa Senators. The big question I change the Pens Swag??

Pittsburgh Penguins

Evgeni Malkin Pin

Look at the size of Evgeni Malkin’s head!!! I was overwhelmed by the awesome variety and quantity of Pens merch in the team store in Mellon Arena. Yet some how the little BIG head of Malkin driving the Zamboni caught my eye in the sea of black and yellow. He's done more than drive the Zamboni in this first round series and Pens fans everywhere are loving the fact their team tanked for a few years in order to land a player like Malkin. Today, The Malkin's Head pin quietly waits for its next assignment...

Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators S.P.

I spotted these Ottawa Senators “camping” style salt and pepper shakers at the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2003. Up until April 8th they resided in my earthquake kit, poised and ready for emergency flavor enhancement. If the Senators knew about my Swag off they'd have done everything in their power to win Game four, put the fear of God into that Malkin's head pin, and save these salt and pepper shakers from being put back into the bowels of the earthquake kit. Oh well...time for the Sens to put the season behind them and look ahead.

Stay Tuned for The Semi Finals Swag OFF!

and a few other surprises :o)

Happy Playoffs everybody!

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