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There was plenty on the line during the second weekend of the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs. For five series, it was all about Game Six.

Game Six Weekend


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by Lisa Ovens
Monday, April 21st, 2008

Let's begin with

Don Cherry Suit Watch

This suit screams spring time! It also screams "hey Lisa, try using a tripod next time."


The Bikini Quote

Ah, remember Ron MacLean’s bikini quote just before game one of the Canadiens/ Bruins series? “Statistics are like bikinis, they reveal a lot, but not everything.”

With the history and the numbers clearly in the Canadiens favor, the Bruins are showing us what the “everything” is all about.  It’s about the mental side of the game that says yes, you can keep pace with the guys over there. It’s about not giving up when you have to execute a come back, even when it happens three times in a game. It’s about getting that puck and skating it down there, and if you lose it, get it back and skate it down there again, winning as many battles as you can along the way. The B’s have pushed it to game seven. What do the Boston Bruins have to lose? No one expected them to be here in the first place. Game Seven in Montreal tonight.

Avalanche Win in Six

Have you jumped on the Jose Theodore Bandwagon yet? He’s heating things up in the crease, or in his “kitchen" for those who prefer the quirky term. There’s always the other Avalanche Bandwagon to jump on: This cute mini stein advances to the Semi Finals in the 2008 Hockey & High Heels *S*w*a*g* Off.

As far as the Sunday Sixes go…

It was quite possible the remaining three Western Conference series would end today. On the flip side these same three series could have continued if the home teams won and forced game sevens. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. In fact, let’s go back to game three…
Last year I learned of an interesting playoff stat: 69 % of Stanley Cup Playoff series are won by the team that won game three. In these Western Conference series, Who won the game threes this year?

Sharks and Flames:    G.3 win  The Flames (won G 6)
Wings and Predators: G.3 win The Predators (lost G 6 and the series)
Stars and Ducks:         G.3 win The Ducks (lost G 6 and the series)
Calgary Flames and San Jose Sharks battle on...

The Flames and the Sharks have developed a co-dependent relationship and they require one more game of “therapy” in order to find “closure”. Calgary played a close to perfect game and shut out the Sharks 2-0 in game six. With the 69 % stat on their side, the Flamers have a shot at finishing off the Sharks on Tuesday night and winning the series.

Nicklas Lidstrom’s Goal

Geez, Nick, how many goal tenders named Dan are you going to do this to? Another shot from the red line goes in (this one with a wacky bounce), stuns the Nashville crowd, the players fail to recover from the shock of it all and lose the game. The Dan’s I speak off? Dan Ellis, Predators goal tender who worked so hard to keep the Preds in the playoffs this year, and Dan Cloutier of the Vancouver Canucks, back in the 2002 Playoffs. What’s weird is I just wrote about the Cloutier goal on Friday for the Swag OFF column.

The off season has officially begun for the plucky Predators and their passionate fans. There are more season tickets to sell, so everybody get busy. And Red Wings, you have so many weapons. But that “Dan killin’” Lidstrom Long Bomb shot certainly is the most unusual :o)


Fans in Dallas are dancing with the Stars!! Instead of losing game six and giving the Anaheim Ducks a crack at game seven; you’ve exercised the little hockey curses called statistics out of your system and are moving on to round two. Anaheim Ducks can no longer defend their 2007 Stanley Cup, just as the Ottawa Senators can no longer defend...losing... it??

So, as you can see not everybody wins the series, just because they won game three.

Happy Playoffs Everybody!!

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