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Hockey fans have to love the pace of the First Round. It's practically impossible to keep up with everything right now. Lisa Ovens gives it her best shot...from the sofa.

PLAYOFF REPORT: From Lisa's Sofa


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by Lisa Ovens
Friday, April 18th, 2008

2008 *S*w*a*g* OFF update: Ottawa Senators Salt & Pepper Shakers first to fall: Penguins 4 Senators 0

  See you next season, Ottawa Senators. I guess my Sens salt and pepper shakers are going back into the earthquake kit.

Congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Malkin drives a Zamboni lapel pin: you are advancing to the Semi Finals. For the complete 2008 Swag OFF: Playoff Edition page click here

“He’s an idiot.”

What would Gary Roberts say? I was reading about Sean Avery’s latest pest incident (flipping the bird at a TV camera during practice), and got a laugh when I read what Gary Roberts said about Avery, “He’s an idiot.” A simple and effective quote as any I guess.

And in Canucks Nation, this quote could also be heard describing the recent actions of Canucks owner, Francesco Aquilini. He fired general manager Dave Nonis, and then fumbled the press conference. This one- two punch left many people questioning both his decision and his actual abilities to be involved in the operations of the club. As Don Cherry put it on Coaches Corner...“One of the worst firings of a GM I’ve seen in a long time.” For me personally, as a Canucks fan, I feel this recent development requires thoughtful analysis so I'll have to save my comments on this issue for another column, and move on to more pressing issues...

Don Cherry Suit Watch

Aside from opening night, Don’s suits have been pretty low key, except for this gem that he wore last Saturday night....

(Remember, this IS from my sofa)

Celebrity Watch

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban seen hugging at the Nashville Predators/ Detroit Red Wings game Four in Nashville Tennessee. Vince Gill was also seen in the stands as well. Ooh...Preds attracting the A- listers!!!!

The Bubble Boy

I am really enjoying PJ Stock’s work on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada. His delivery is fun and upbeat. They have PJ presenting updates and opinions from a cozy ,glass enclosed studio somewhere inside CBC Toronto. His enthusiasm for hockey coupled with his goofiness is a breath of fresh air for everyone involved.

BUD Lite Commercials

I’m sorry, but this advertising giant needs a better creative team when it comes to their hockey commercials. It is obvious the ad agency completely drew a blank when brainstorming hockey concepts for their playoff ads. If you haven’t seen them, and maybe that’s a good thing, here’s the quick and dirty... a few hockey graphics in the background on a mock sports desk show, with three hosts talking about how sports desks shows are being accused of being too commercialized (spot one) and for fake laughter (spot two). I kid you not.

Message to Penguins Hockey writer Jan Snyder,

Jan, I read your open letter to me on You have made some very good points on why I should jump on the Penguins Bandwagon – I especially liked Number 9: let’s face it; Igloos are fascinating places. Although my cheering status remains unchanged and the blanket is spread out – keeping all the playoff teams warm with my cheers, I did wear my Penguins shirt ( the one I bought in that tiny mall by the river in Pittsburgh, the one with like, seven Penguins Sports shops) all day yesterday.

Just so you know Marie down there in Nashville has a Predators Playoff ticket with my name on it. That’s a pretty sweet offer to jump on the Predators Bandwagon, don’t you think?? Hint Hint ;o)

Happy Playoffs Everybody!!

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