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Things went sour for Lisa on Day Light Savings Time day. However, she did manage to turn the lemon into some lemonade courtesy of a Canucks Pay Per View loss.

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by Lisa Ovens
March 12th, 2007

I am stirring many a pot here at Hockey & High Heels worldwide headquarters, and a little detail like changing clocks slipped my mind. Every year I say, “Screw Daylight Savings Time – I will not assimilate!!” This year was no different. In typical “Lisa” fashion I didn’t realize until Saturday the big clock change was happening early than it normally would. As soon as that nugget of information entered my brain, it disappeared in a cloud of dust. 

On Sunday I was cleaning up paperwork when I realized it was time to order the Canucks game from the digital box. I immediately dialed the phone and ordered a pizza, grabbed the remote and ordered the game at 1 minute past seven. It said the program was in progress. No worries, it just started I thought. Just as I hung up the phone I hear Canucks PAY TV announcer Dan Murphy say, “Here is the second period scoring summary…” What?? Second period? Darn – I just ordered the game and it’s already two thirds over. 

Oops, didn’t change the clocks. The game started earlier than normal, even without the clock change. So I proceeded to watch the third period with the Canucks eventually losing to the Anaheim Ducks 4-2. The pizza hadn’t even arrived yet. Kind of a waste of $12.00. Or, was it a waste…. 

The last few days I have been working on my new Hockey & High Heels TV show to be shown right here at It’s a humble beginning for H&HH TV, as I have only one camera, no lighting equipment to speak off, and I don’t have one of those fancy lapel microphones all the big shows have. But, I do have my friend Bubbles, an amazing editor, and a director friend named Andrew who drops by with advice and encouragement. Somehow all this will translate into H&HH TV

On Sunday, I had been testing out my studio and the one piece of equipment I own. As I did what I could with the natural lighting and single camera placement, I began to have feelings of inadequacy, which eventually turned into a mild case of depression. That’s when I decided to move onto the paperwork that needed my attention, then ordered the pizza, and then ordered what was only the third period of the game. After watching the Canucks TV pay per view broadcast with its darker than normal television picture and barely audible sound, I instantly felt a whole lot better about Hockey & High Heels TV. If they can get away with this, surely I can get away with my humble equipment. Well, for now I can get away with it. You know as well as I know that I will work towards top quality production and features as soon as possible. 

But what’s going on with Canucks TV

Now in its fourth season, Canucks TV hasn’t improved at all. In fact, the program doesn’t last as long as it did in its infant years, and every season they increase the number of pay per view games. We are now up to seventeen Canuck games that we have to pay for if we want to see them. I frequently read complaints about the production on a few fan forums, so I am not the only one to feel a little disgruntled whenever I order a game. And I am not surprised to see website is inviting fans to participate on a survey about…you guessed it, Canucks TV

I’ll end the column on a happy note: I am excited to see just what I can create in my TV studio for H&HH TV. Everybody has to start somewhere, and I am starting with one camera, no lighting, and no mic. 

Now, if you will excuse me, there’s a survey to fill out with MY name on it! 

Happy Hockey!

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