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Anything that requires the word quadruple as an adjective should be considered pretty intense stuff. Find out if Lisa has the “right stuff” when her role as a playoff hockey fan is taken to another level.

Quadruple Overtime and Me…


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by Lisa Ovens
April 16th, 2007

My apologies to Hockey & High Heels readers everywhere for getting this column posted about the sixth longest playoff game in NHL history that I happened to attend, a few days late. You see, my eyes were really sore and I couldn’t stare at a white computer screen after having my eyes glued to the white ice surface for seven periods of play. And no, my fingers could not grace my keyboard, as I could not lift my arms higher than my waist after waving my playoff towel for six and a half hours that night.

Seriously though, what a thrill it was to attend Game One of the Dallas Stars/ Vancouver Canucks playoff series on Wed. April 11th. It was a historical game for the Vancouver Canucks and me as it was our longest game in Canucks history. However, reality has sunk in that I should be in better shape in order to participate in my next marathon playoff game. Just like those healthy Dallas Stars: they are no stranger to longies, as several of their current players also played in the fifth longest game in NHL history back in 2003 against the Ducks. Oh those Stars, they lost that one too. The big question I have on my mind now: will I be ready to compete, as a fan, should there be another two two, two games in one??

All in all my pre game activities went well: I ate a big meal at 4:30pm. Followed by one beer. My seventy-year-old Mom, Stella, was on time when I met her. We arrived an hour early for all the festivities and to ensure we had secured our provided game equipment: two white towels.

I was breaking in a new system that night: a new purse. Actually, it’s more like a messenger bag. A Dickies messenger bag in black with white pin striping with a color coordinated Canucks logo on the flap. It has two deep interior pockets, perfect for my other game equipment: a Chinese shake drum, plastic hand clappers shaped like feet, plus the all important lip balm, Tic Tacs, and camera. I was quite pleased with this bag’s performance over those 6 and ½ hours inside GM Place. It was a definite keeper. I also picked up my blue “Believe in Blue” Canucks T-shirt that morning too. It looked smashing with my blue feather boa, because nothing, I mean nothing says playoff hockey like a sexy blue feather boa.

The only thing that tripped me up that night was indulging in three beers during the first two periods. By the end of the fifth period I was feeling hung over. The toughest part was waiting in line for water as we only had a skeleton staff during those late intermissions and I was dying of thirst. I bought two bottles of water for eight dollars – totally worth it, really.

And what about Mom? What a trooper. She kept up the towel waving, the cheering, all the oohs, ahhs and “get it out of there” shouts, like a woman half her age. From this fan’s perspective, Mom was inspirational. If the several hundred people, who bolted during the overtime periods, had the pleasure of sitting next to Mom, well they would have been compelled to stay for the entire game. 

The next time you are at a playoff game, and it goes into overtime, be prepared for anything – remember to drink plenty of water, keep cheering, and whatever you do, show your respect for both teams and stay until the three star selections at the end of the game. It’s worth it!

Happy Playoffs, everybody!

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