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Lisa Ovens returns to the lounge in time for these last few NHL games, paying a little extra attention to the Red Wings and their fans. Today she covers a new condition called "Wing Envy", introduces a sweet new tradition, and of course, the latest in the Don Cherry Suit watch.


Sugar Cookies!


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Lisa Ovens
Monday, May 26th, 2008

Hello, my name is Lisa, and I will be’s Detroit Red Wings Representative for the final round. It seems only fitting since we have “Boston” Jan Snyder down there in Houston delighting and enlightening us with all things Penguin.

In case you’ve just joined us, I’ll get you up to speed: we have Penguins fans around the Hockey World celebrating Penguins playoff wins with donuts, and Jan started it. A fabulous concept indeed. But, sadly, there is always a chance a Pens fan will not get their morning donut should the Penguins lose.

Here at, we decided to come up with a special celebration treat for our beloved Red Wings fans, something like the Pens treat. However, as the managing representative for Hockeytown at h&, I have put a spin it...

Red Wings Sugar Cookies...from sugarsteps, with love!

I am pleased to introduce the absolutely delicious Red Wings Sugar Cookies. These delectable Red Wings Sugar Cookies have a one two punch: speedy red sprinkles capable of rushes from one end of the cookie to the other… (and they pack a solid “crunch” because they aren’t afraid of hitting), plus strawberry flavoured icing filling in all of the holes with heart and zing. Followed by a solid back end, “holding it all together” sugar cookie foundation. The end result: a complete cookie experience. Not that much different than the complete Detroit Red Wings team.

But, why have just one treat after a win? We have three DWR Sugar Cookies per game in this Stanley Cup Final promotion: one cookie for each regulation time period. Any Overtime periods...well it's your call! Hahaha…

Please note: I've been in charge of the cookies and donuts photo shoots, and may have accidentally put on a few pounds. If I may remind myself and anyone else out there with a sweet tooth... everything in moderation.

Wing Envy?

Pining for a perfect scouting department? Eager for an experienced management team? Longing for a logo that stands the test of time? Painfully desiring a Pavel Datzuk or a Henrik Zetterberg in your team’s uniform?

 If these describe you then you’ve been diagnosed with having Wing envy. Don’t worry, this isn’t uncommon. Entire pockets of the hockey world have been suffering with Wing Envy for some time.

Treating the symptoms might take a little effort. Try overcoming the feeling of inadequacy by setting the ego aside to acknowledge the greatness of the Wings. Understand that for every awesome trait of this organization, the Wings have also experienced their share of bumps and bruises along the way. Perhaps they understand how sometimes it's the process that means more than the end result. That and some killer drafting!

Mule times two?

Game one found Detroit's "other Mule" Mikael Sa-MUEL-sson workin' it to score two goals in the 4-0 win over the Penguins on Saturday night. The Original Mule, Johan Franzen may return to play tonight for game two.


Don Cherry Suit Watch...

"My suits can't carry this thing!" - Don Cherry, on Coaches Corner, May 24th, commenting after a few moments of disorganization during the live chat.

I love this suit! Crisp white background for big crazy flowers - makes me feel like summer :o) And boy do we need our summer in Vancouver after the lame spring we just endured. Thank our stars for Hockey to get us through it!

Happy Finals!!

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