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It’s official: The Pittsburgh Penguins are the Eastern Conference Champs awaiting their opponent for the ultimate prize: the Stanley Cup. Today is the first day of the rest of their lives. For our Penguins, correspondent, Jan Snyder, today is a day to savour just being there.

Penguins Come Home and Rule the Roost


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Jan Snyder
Monday, May 19th 2008

The Pens sent the Flyers packing as the teams returned to Pittsburgh and their fun loving fans!  With a final score of 6-0, this was a definite statement game and the statement was: “Go Home, Flyers” (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!)

The Prince of Wales Trophy: She's a beaut that no one wants to touch.

The goals just kept on coming on Sunday – two from Malone, two from Hossa and one each from Malkin and Staal while Fabulous Fleury turned away every shot he faced.  One puck did get by him, but was called back as no goal near the end of the second period.
Maybe singing, “Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye” so early in the third period was a little premature, but the song was still fun and that was the theme of the day.  Fun, fun, fun!

Fun to see the Pens so determined to win, fun to see the Flyers’ confidence deflated with each goal.  Fun to see six separate group-hug goal-scoring celebrations, fun to watch the handshake line.  Fun to watch Sid be so careful not to touch the Trophy and fun to see the fans linger and hear their repeated chants of “Let’s Go, Pens!”
In honor of the score and this big win that takes us to the finals, get half a dozen donuts tomorrow, have yours and share the rest with five other people.  Pay it forward!  Share our joy with total strangers – just hand them a donut and say, “Let’s Go, Pens!”   In Pittsburgh, they will get it.  For those of us living in other places, we may get strange looks even after we explain what we are celebrating, but won’t it be fun?

The Sugar Fix's triumphant return

So our team moves on to the Stanley Cup Final!  Seems like a long time since that last happened.  Who will we face – Detroit or Dallas?  For today, who cares?  We are THERE!

Detroit VERSUS Dallas

The Pens could know their opponent as early as Monday night if the Redwings win the game back in Dallas.  I think the hometown crowd is fixin’ to be hootin’ and hollerin’ for their team who will do their best to extend this series to seven.  Marty Turco sure comes into the game on a high, like the rest of the Stars. After all, “The Stars at night, are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas.” Keep on shining, Stars!

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