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It’s very simple: The Penguins don’t win a playoff game, some people out there don’t get their donut. Jan Snyder reports on Game Four, empty donut plate and all.

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Jan Snyder
Friday, May 16th 2008

Whatever the Flyers ate, drank, inhaled, rubbed in or threw back before this game, I’d like some of it. Jamba Juice??  Nehi??  Tang??   Anyway, they reinforced their devotion to the orange and black and played a great, disciplined game.  They came out strong in the first period and it paid off as they scored three goals.

Plate: When Penguins lose

This one was much more like Pens/Flyers hockey - lots of jabbering, lots of hitting, lots of fighting.  Both goalies played well with Biron stopping 36 shots and Fleury 30.  Malone and Hatcher are probably not quite finished with what they started near the end of this game.  Stay tuned!  There may be a rematch!

Jordan Staal’s two goal game after such an emotional couple of days was great to see.  He traveled back home to Ontario on the off day for his grandfather’s funeral and arrived back in time for this game, which couldn’t have been easy.

But Jordan’s two weren’t enough to withstand Lupul’s two, Briere’s one and Carter’s one. So following the pattern established by the Pens, every one of these four games has ended with the winner scoring four goals – seems to be the magic number!   Let’s hope the Pens come up with four goals back at home – a four-bagger, if I might mix my sports metaphors, and hold the Flyers to a single.  Or Fleury could pitch a shutout – that would work too.

The Pens weren’t able to put this team away in four but they still have a chance to do it in five.  Back on home ice with their loud and proud fans to spur them on, they can end the series on Sunday and repay those fans for all they have done to support the team this year. 

Plate: When Penguins win

Today while I was driving to lunch, I was behind a car with license plates that looked different from those here in the Lone Star State.  I looked a little closer and the plate was from Nova Scotia – a long way from here!  I took that as a good omen.  Seeing a plate from Sidney Crosby’s home in as far away a place as Texas had to mean something, right?  I wonder what it was!!

No donuts on the scoreboard and no donuts for us after this game. Maybe we can drown our sorrows in Jamba Juice, Nehi or Tang instead.

Twinkling Stars

The Dallas Stars have not flamed out yet; there is still a little twinkle in the Stars who hope they can pull off a few more great games.  Saturday afternoon should produce a good one, but the teams better wrap it up in regulation or one overtime period because NBC will pull the plug after that and U.S. viewers will be left wanting.  The network is contractually obligated to cover the Preakness later in the day.  We all remember the overtime game last year that suddenly just vanished from our screens! 
Let’s see if the Stars can give an encore performance of their last game in Dallas, play with passion, and give us more hockey on Monday!

Enjoy the off day, fans!  No games on Friday – whatever will we do with ourselves? 
Happy Hockey!

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