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Game one is officially under our belts. Jan Snyder offers her post game thoughts, plus tidbits like Detroit Rock Bands, a new job description for Yzerman and Lemieux, and the best place to catch the SCF in Houston...for a Penguins fan that is.

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Game One

by Jan Snyder
Sunday May 25th, 2008

Although the Pens didn’t play too badly and they had a fairly loud cheering section, they went down to defeat at the hands of the Redwings, 4-0.  The score seems a little misleading since two of those four goals came very near the end of the game.

Both teams displayed their skills, fore-checking, back-checking, shot blocking, and skating.  And each goaltender played pretty well, making some great saves.  I will agree with the Detroit fans and their signs – Osgood – So good.  When he makes a big save, the fans chant, “Ozzie, Ozzie” and they play the OH-WE-OH, OH-OH music from The Wizard of Oz.  All that’s missing are the flying monkeys!

With such great players on the Redwings, it’s hard, even for a Penguin fan, to dislike them.  Zetterberg and Datysuk and many others are just so good and there is just such a healthy respect for the play of Niklas Lidstrom.  Maybe as the series wears on, we’ll develop some “hatred”, but as of yet, none. 

This game was just what we were all expecting, I think.  Fast and furious, great shots, great saves, bit hits, big stops – everything we hope to see from both sides all through the series. 

Mikael Samuelsson gave the Wings a two-goal lead completely by himself!  Two unassisted goals, one in the second period and one early in the third.  Even though the Pens had four power plays in the first period, they were unable to convert any chances and that hurt.  One goal there could have made a big difference.

 Maybe we should have seen this loss coming when Fleury tripped and fell coming onto the ice!  But he didn’t play that badly either, stopping 32 shots, a couple of which were beauties.  Now Game One is out of the way, the Pens have seen what they are up against, will make corrections, and we’ll see how Game Two goes.


I think the NHL should consider having Mario Lemieux and Steve Yzerman take their show on the road for a different NHL game every night!  Those two are very easy on the hockey fan’s eyes and seeing them drop the ceremonial puck was a unique treat tonight.  Since we can’t watch them work their special magic on the ice any more, maybe they can be ambassadors and do more puck drops around the league.

I think the Stanley Cup logo the players are wearing on the uniforms blends much better with the black and gold uniforms than the red.  Hope that is a good omen!

I think that even though I love Kid Rock, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent and Kiss, I don’t want to hear any of their music for the next couple of weeks.  Not Kid Rock’s lyric, “I’m in it to win it like Yzerman”, not Kiss’ “Detroit Rock City”, no “Old Time Rock and Roll” from Seger not even “Cat Scratch Fever” from the Motor City Madman

I think it’s amazing and good for the future of the Pens that the Baby Pens of Wilkes-Barre Scranton in the AHL are also in the finals and playing for the Calder Cup.  They will face the Chicago Wolves.  Let’s Go, Baby Pens!
I think twirling dead octopi is a disgusting ritual!  And must be smelly too.  Where is PETA when we need them?

I think Stanley is looking particularly shiny this season!  Maybe because he’s within reach?

I think it’s wonderful that there is a place called Steel City Pizza just a few blocks from my house here in Texas that is a shrine to Pittsburgh sports.  When I drove by yesterday and saw their sign reading: “Let’s Go, Pens!  Watch the Stanley Cup Finals here at Steel City”, I felt quite connected to the city of my birth.  And they have great pizza.

I think I would like a donut next Tuesday morning – Let’s Go, Pens!


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