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It's all about the hockey in Pittsburgh. Jan Snyder uncovers a few special hockey fan stories, including naming a baby, Crosby. Plus she recaps Game Three between the Pens and the Rangers.



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Jan Snyder
Wednesday, April 30th 2008

The Pens may not have played their best three-periods last night, but they sure played with high energy, never stopped, and got enough goals to be up 3-0 in the series.  Malkin seemed determined to prove why he is a Hart Trophy finalist, scoring two big goals. Georges Laraque chipped in with one, Hossa got the game going with a tally one minute into the game and Pittsburgh’s own Ryan Malone added a score as well.

The team in black and gold was good enough to take the MSG crowd out of the game and force them to boo their own team!  Jagr seemed determined to take matters into his own hands and win the game single-handedly but the Pens were having none of it.  The Rangers just couldn’t keep up with the high energy play of the Pens.
Another great team effort – worthy of one of Mike Lange’s sayings: “They’re buzzing like beeeees around a hive!”

Tomorrow’s donut (#3):  Since this was a crazy game, let’s have a donut with coconut on it!

Super Cat and Hockey fan, Mario Lamew

HOCKEY STORIES I have three great hockey fan stories to share with you –

The Crosby Show
The first is the story of a young couple who live in Pittsburgh, Jenn and Shawn.  They have a 5-year-old son named Connor and Jenn is scheduled to deliver their second child on May 6, unless the baby has other ideas and arrives sooner!  So what does that have to do with hockey?

Well, Jenn and Shawn are big Penguin fans and this baby will be born during the playoffs – great timing!  They don’t know the baby’s sex, but it doesn’t matter to them. If it’s a girl, her name will be Crosby Elizabeth and if it’s a boy, Crosby James!  Do you think they are hoping for a little hockey player?  Best of luck to the whole family – and we’ll look forward to the arrival of little Crosby.

The Wreckin’ Ball
Story two is about an older Penguin fan in Pittsburgh.  She is 89-year-old Martha Retsch.  Martha first started attending hockey games way back when the team was called the Pittsburgh Hornets.  She joined the Booster’s Club in 1948 and then the Penguins’ booster club in 1967, the Pens first year in the NHL.  She is the last original charter member. Martha still attends Booster Club meetings but because of failing eyesight, she doesn’t go to games any more. She still watches on TV and pays close attention.

During the first game against the Rangers, Martha got upset with the team, scolded them via her TV and told them to “settle down and play hockey”!  They obviously listened to her and won 5-4.

Her only complaint over the years has been that the team traded some of her favorite players.  She always liked Mark “The Wreckin” Ball Recchi because they shared the same initials and she liked his style of play.  But to her dismay, he was traded, not once, but twice. Now Martha favors Sidney Crosby – pretty sure she’ll be safe on that pick for awhile!

Alice in Wonderland
Can you imagine opening your front door and finding Sidney Crosby standing there, delivering your season tickets?  That’s what happened to Alice at the beginning of this season.  If you watched the playoff game that was televised on Versus last Friday, you met Alice as she was interviewed by Christine Simpson.

Alice knew a player would be bringing her tickets – the Pens had given her that notice. “I thought it might be a third or fourth line guy, but I was just happy I’d meet whoever it was,” she said. “I saw a guy get out of the car wearing a ball cap and saw the #87 – then I realized who it was!”

Alice thanked Sid for her tickets and then told him she didn’t the Pens were quite ready and wouldn’t win the Cup this year.  Sid looked a little surprised and said, “Well, we’re going to try.” 

Christine Simpson asked Alice about her comments to the Captain. Alice was just being realistic, she said. “It was the beginning of the year. Who knew how good Malkin would be and that they would do this well?”  Alice promised Christine that she would eat crow if the Pens win the Cup this year – “If Sidney Crosby delivers it to my house.”  Alice, keep peeking out that window – Sid may be back to visit!

Great tales – from babies to senior citizens and every hockey fan in between.  Hockey is alive and well and living in Pittsburgh!  But those of us outside of Pittsburgh are cheering the team on too.  My cat, Mario LaMew, is enjoying the games with me here in Texas.  He’s not quite as interested as he used to be since his namesake doesn’t play any more, but he plays along with me.

Dallas vs. San Jose
In the west, the Stars are matching the Pens game-for-game.  They needed overtime to beat the Sharks at home, but they did, and are now up 3-0 in their series with another game on home ice. Wish I could tell you more about how this game went, but it was on at the same time as Pens/Rangers, so I just know the final score!

Happy Hockey, Everybody!!

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