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Its official: there is a brand new baby in Pittsburgh named Crosby!  Columnist Jan Snyder reveals if Crosby is a boy or a girl. Plus she takes a little virtual trip around the world and acknowledges a variety of special Penguins fans in her life, from POOF to Die Hard.


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Jan Snyder
Wednesday, May 6th 2008

Probably because she didn’t want to miss Game Five, Crosby Elizabeth, brand new daughter of Pittsburgh Penguin fans Jenn and Shawn, arrived a little early, May 2, weighing in at 8 lbs., 14 oz.  The USA women’s hockey team may have a new member in a few years.  Congratulations to the whole family and welcome to the world, little Penguin fan Crosby!


During this “most wonderful time of the year” – the playoffs –I am in touch with so many hockey people, including some POOFsPOOFs is a term Lisa Ovens came up with in her book to describe Play Off Only Fans.  Doesn’t matter if they jump on the bandwagon late, as long as they jump on!  They are similar to daffodils; they magically pop their heads up in April and last as long as the team does in the playoffs. 

At Christmas: Die Hard Pens Fan Jim and Jen (Hockey lovin' daughter and son in law of The fabulous Jan Snyder!!)

My own sister, Kim, who lives in Pittsburgh, and her husband, Don, are POOFs. They come along for the playoff ride.  What’s strange about it is that in her “youth” Kim was a big Penguin fan, but someone she lost her way.  Maybe these playoffs will bring her back into the fold fulltime! 

I know some POOFs who live in Maine too.  My cousin Lee and her husband Tom have joined in for the Penguin ride this season. In fact, they even sent me a little “gift” last week since I told them that this time of the year is like a hockey fan’s Christmas.  They are really big time Boston Red Sox baseball fans, so I appreciate them finding room on our bandwagon and jumping on!  

Before the Calgary Flames crashed and burned, my co-worker, Chris, from Calgary was keeping me up-to-date on the frenetic happenings along the Red Mile.  But Chris is really a Habs fan and was hoping to see a Montreal/Pittsburgh showdown in the next round.  Sorry, Chris. 

My friend, Mac, is a hockey player who had a tough season herself.  She suffered a broken ankle in a game and has a wonky shoulder as well.  But she is one determined lady and recently got back on the ice.  Did I mention she lives in Nova Scotia –home of  Sidney Crosby?  She is hoping to see the native son do well these playoffs.

Jen and Jim, my daughter and son-in-law, live in Pittsburgh and are season ticket holders. Both of them are always decked out in black and gold. Jen has been wearing a Penguin bracelet to every playoff game. The bracelet was a gift from me and this ensures that a little part of “Mom” is at the Igloo as well!  They are great fans, who cheer loudly!  Jen would like to see her favorite player, Max Talbot, fit his injured foot in that boot and play again against the Flyers.

Off the coast of Vancouver, there lives a man named Wayne. We are hockey friends, although we’ve never met.  He emailed me last week to wish the Penguins well because he loaded his playoff pool up with our big scorers.  They will do their best to help you, Wayne!

Another hockey friend is Fredrik, who lives in Finland. He was a big Pens fans when Jagr played for the team. But his allegiance to Jagr has led him over to the “dark side” and he is now a Ranger fan (yikes!).  He enjoyed the series between the two teams.

In Pittsburgh there are so many others who live and breathe the Penguins, including Karen, a long time hockey friend.  I can’t mention them all – but you know who you are!  Keep up whatever rituals you’re started, be loud and keep encouraging the boys!

No matter if you are a die-hard fan, a POOF or have ulterior motives for pulling for the Pens, you are welcome here, at the hockey fan’s website!


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